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Sales Assistants


Inbound Sales Support by Real Humans in Video Call + Other features to help Professionals & Small Business Owners succeed.

Video Call can be made from any web browser from any device. Nothing to download or install. The caller can see the video of the Assistant but the Assistant cannot see the caller.
Monthly Plan
Pay each month


Annual Plan
Pay for a year

$350/month if you pre-pay for a year

Monthly and Annual Plans come with:

  1. If you already launched your website: Inbound Sales Support for your non-customers (trial users, investors, potential customers) upto 20 hours/month
  2. If you did not launch your website yet: Inbound support for you upto 20 hours/month (General questions, Second opinions related to IT, Technical Advice etc.) to help you launch your website. You can also email us.
  3. Monthly newsletter for you (finance, health, shopping, Internet, product reviews)
  4. Four Marketing posts (on your LinkedIn, IG, FB or Twitter page) or product research reports per month
  5. Monthly News Briefing for you (a Sales Assistant will brief you about important and relevant news)

Annual Plans also come with:

  1. Dedicated Linux VPS (virtual private server) with 2 hours of support per month
  2. Website created in Wordpress, WonderCMS or Wagtail. (You may not post any illegal or adult content). Domain name if needed (subject to availability).
  3. Annual Status Call with an IT Specialist to discuss and advise you about your website
  4. Annual Status Call with a Marketing Specialist to advise you about promoting your website
  5. Black Friday promotion management


  • Not a substitute for Customer Service or Tech Support.
  • Not a secretarial, administrative assistant, translation or software development service.
  • No work related to any Drop-shipping or Internet stores (such as Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay)
  • No personalized financial advice, taxes, legal matters, relationship advice, therapy, medical, dietary or counseling.
  • No advice or information on anything that might harm you, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, medical devices, challenges, dares, adult content, anything illegal, unethical or biased. If you request any help on these matters, we will decline.
  • Strict professional conduct is required in all communications with us. In case of unprofessional conduct by a caller, we will report the caller to you and/or law enforcement. In case of unprofessional conduct by you, your account will be terminated and assessed a $500 penalty.
  • No refunds will be given for monthly plans. Annual Plans are eligible for refund for unused months (minus discounts and penalties, if any).

Sales Assistant App:

  1. Allows you to chat with or call a Sales Assistant directly. You will see the Assistant on screen
  2. Browser based and works from your computer or smart phone without downloading or installing anything
  3. You can turn off video from your side so the Assistant cannot see you
  4. Allows you to share screen or view screen shared by the Assistant
  5. You can use blackboard built into the App


We do not share your information with any other company. We maintain our own IT infrastructure. Therefore, all information you email us or send us through the App is contained within our infrastructure and not sent to any third parties. We may share your information to comply with law enforcement, your local laws or courts.