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Welcome to Trade Planner

Marketing & Advertising
Marketing Service

Social Media Marketing, Email campaigns, Web Site Optimization, E-Commerce, etc.

Advertising Service

Custom advertising campaigns for Television, Youtube, Vimeo; Video testimonials, Explainer Videos etc.

Public Relations
PR Service

Brand management, content creation for your blog, Podcasts, Writing and distributing Press Releases, etc.

Inbound Sales With Outbound Video

Inbound sales support and a human front-end for your online ticketing system. Web based App. Requires no installation.

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Why choose us?

Some reasons to choose us as your Marketing Agency:

  • Managed Hosting of your website
  • Full service agency offering Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Inbound Sales Support
  • Strong Information Technology (I.T.) Infrastructure
  • Personalization and Emotional Intelligence behind every campaign
  • Board Diversity Marketing to strengthen your brand
  • Gender neutral pricing (i.e. no pink tax) in our campaigns

No Pink Tax

We do not charge different prices for products or services based on gender of the customer. The practice of charging different prices solely because of customer gender is called "Pink Tax."

New York State Law 391U prohibits this practice. We work with all of our clients to make sure no pink tax exists in our marketing campaigns.

To request Price List of our services under State Law, please Contact Us or view our Rate Card

For more information on Pink Tax, visit NoPinkTax.Org